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The UVBrite bottles use UV-C LED light to effectively kill most pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa from any source of clear water.

proven effective in lab studies

No mercury or chemicals

No more need for plastic bottles

Fights bacteria and leaves no residue

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UV radiation actually destroys the genetic structure of microorganisms and inhibits its ability to reproduce and ultimately causing its death. UV radiation ranges from 200 nm to 400 nm. The radiation from 200 nm – 285 nm is called as UV-C radiation and it is germicidal.

K.M. Johnson et al.
Ultraviolet Radiation and its Germicidal Effect in Drinking Water Purification
(ISSN: 2075-6240)

Solar Purification

UV light emitted from the UVBrite cap at 275nm destroys the DNA of any microbes, germs, and viruses in your water or bottle rendering them completely inactivated.

The UVBrite bottle runs a 90 second UV disinfection cycle to ensure maximum efficacy.

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How does the UV-C purification technology work?

UV-C purification technology works by destroying the DNA and RNA of microbes which renders them completely inactive.

Detailed: UV-C disinfection works by damaging the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) of microbes. When DNA and RNA absorb UV-C light, damage results from the formation of dimers (covalent bonds between the same nucleic acids). Dimers cause faults in the transcription of information from DNA to RNA, which in turn results in disruption of microorganism replication. A microorganism that cannot replicate cannot infect a host, thus leaving making the water safe to drink.

Have the UVBrite bottles been tested?

UVBrite bottles are produced in an EPA registered factory and have been extensively tested extensively to comply with all applicable standards. Our bottles have been tested against the following organisms and found to kill up to 99.99% of microbes:
– Escherichia coli
– Staphylococcus aureus
– Escherichia virus MS2
– Influenza A H3N2
– Human Adenovirus 5

Does UVBrite use mercury lamps?

Definitely not! We use UV-C LED technology in all of our products, which is safe, power efficient and can last significantly longer than traditional mercury lamps.

How long does the UV-C LED last?

The LEDs that we use in our products have been rated to last at least 10,000 hours. This means that if running a standard 90-second cycle, the LED can last up to 400,000 cycles, or purify 6,250 gallons of water!

Are UVBrite bottles safe to use?

Yes, UVBrite bottles are 100% safe to use. Similar to microwave ovens, the UV-C light only works when the system is switched on. When the system is off, the water is completely safe to drink.

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